A Loving Family – At GCC we believe that one of our greatest strengths is the family-like atmosphere prevalent throughout our group.  We believe supporting one another, having fun together, and being around each other is part of what makes GCC a spiritual home.  At GCC we don’t claim to be conflict free, but we do feel that by loving each other, not just with words but with actions, we can take even our conflicts and turn those into opportunities to grow closer to each other and closer to God. 


Living for God – Ultimately at GCC we believe that God calls all of us to be followers of Jesus.  We strive to make Jesus Lord of our lives every day and to live for him both within our church walls and throughout the community.  Everything that we do in worship and in ministry is about striving to live for God’s kingdom and not live for ourselves.  We also believe that the only way to live for God is through the power of his Spirit.


Serving our Neighbors – GCC is a church that feeds the hungry, provides water for the thirsty, connects parents to orphans, and preaches the gospel to the nations.  We collaborate with and organize numerous ministries with the goal of serving our neighbors in the surrounding community and throughout the world because we know that’s what Jesus would do.  We feel compelled to serve our neighbors because Jesus first served us, and we want everyone to know the love of God for themselves.